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Crimson Renewable Energy is the largest producer of high-quality, ultra-low carbon biodiesel on the West Coast, and a leading participant in the future of advanced biofuels. Crimson customers ranging from major oil companies to national truck stop operators, fuel wholesalers and retailers, and fleet operators all count on Crimson as a reliable and consistent supplier of ultra-low carbon biodiesel. We provide highly reliable delivery and superior service combined with flexible contract structures for duration and pricing for our customers and supply chain partners.

What We Do

Crimson Renewable Energy operates the largest biodiesel production facility in California, and distributes biodiesel to the wholesale market in the Western United States. In 2018, we acquired SeQuential – the longest running biodiesel producer in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the leading used cooking oil collectors on the West Coast. Together we form the largest biodiesel production and marketing footprint in the region. Today, Crimson is one of the only companies handling the process from beginning to end: collecting used cooking oil, refining it into biodiesel and refueling vehicles, fleets, fuel stations and our local communities.

In California, we currently offer bulk biodiesel fuel statewide to the wholesale market We are continuously engaged in forming partnerships with fuel wholesalers, refiners, terminals and other participants in the value chain for biofuels.

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How to Work with Us

Crimson is the premier California supplier of ultra-low carbon biodiesel. We provide a variety of timing, logistics, and pricing structures to best suit client needs. Equally important, we offer our supply chain partners the highest degree of flexibility, consistency, and financial stability.
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Renewable energy plant takes waste and creates ultra-low carbon biodiesel

23ABC was invited to see how the Crimson Renewable lab takes waste materials, such as cooking oil from thousands of restaurants, and turns it into ultra-low carbon fuel — while adding jobs to the local economy.
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Trump EPA sides with farmers over refiners in biofuel waiver decision

This is a major victory for biofuel advocates in the long-standing battle between the deep-pocketed Corn and Oil lobbies.
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Crimson Renewable Energy and SeQuential Join Forces for West Coast Biodiesel Production

With SeQuential, Crimson Renewable gains increased feedstock supply options for its biodiesel production facility, and expands its ability to provide ultra-low carbon biodiesel to customers up and down the West Coast.
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California’s Biodiesel Choice Is a Good One

A Wall Street Journal article reports that CARB data indicates that biodiesel provided over 41% of California’s total reduction of 47.1 million metric tons in climate-changing gases from fuel use, more than any other fuel.
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Bio-based Diesel Fuels Deliver the Biggest Reductions in Transportation-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California – Ever

New Data from California’s Air Resources Board Confirms Key Role of Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels in CO2 Reductions.
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U.S. Monthly Biodiesel Production Report

Visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration to view the latest data.
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Biodiesel Laws and Incentives in California

Visit the U.S. Department of Energy for summaries of the latest California laws and incentives related to biodiesel.
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